Dustin Hoffman to appear in `Little Fockers`

Los Angeles: Veteran actor Dustin Hoffman is likely to reprise his role of Bernie Focker in `Little Fockers`, the sequel to `Meet The Fockers`.

Though the film has been wrapped up, the bosses at Universal are keen to rope in the actor for a cameo.

`Little Fockers` is slated to release in the US on December 22 and stars Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo and Owen Wilson. The new film follows Stiller`s character Greg who has to prove to his father-in-law that he is capable of raising a family.

Hoffman played Stiller`s father in `Meet the Fockers` while his wife`s role was portrayed by Barbra Streisand. Universal`s Adam Fogelson confirmed that they are considering the inclusion of Hoffman in the cast.

"As we`re continuing to refine the film, one of the ideas that`s certainly a possibility is having Dustin be a part of the picture. We didn`t call him and say that we desperately need his help or anything like that. But there is one path that we`re pursuing that could include his involvement," he told a news daily.

There were speculations that the film was not good enough and Hoffman was need to spice up the comedy but Fogelson denied the story.

"We`re incredibly delighted to have a film that`s already scored as well as it has six months before its release."