Dustin Hoffman was annoying: Rosamund Pike

London: Hollywood actress Rosamund Pike found working with legendary actor Dustin Hoffman annoying because of his irritating behavior.

The 31-year-old actress who co-starred with Hoffman, 73, in the Canadian drama `Barney`s Version` directed by Richard J Lewis, found working with him troublesome but could not reprimand him because of his legendary status, reported Contactmusic.

"He`s completely un-shy. He`ll say things like, `Rosamund, which part of your body do you like least?` just before you do a take. And if it was anyone else you`d say, `Oh shut up, but it`s Dustin Hoffman, and you realise that he`s suddenly got you to wear a mournful face when it`s supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

"You sort of marvel at how he got you into this different place," said the actress.

The `An Education` star said that she was unable to concentrate whenever Doffman was around due to his playful attitude.

"We only had one important scene together, and he was so annoying!

"Paul Giamatti and I were having our wedding day, and we were doing our big kiss, and Dustin would be like, `C`mon, that`s not a kiss. Ooh, now Paul, that`s more like it! Ah-ha, now she`s kissing you back big time!` All this stuff," added Pike.


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