Dwayne `The Rock` Johnson teased over fairy role

London: Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as `The Rock`, says he has been teased about his role as a tooth fairy in his latest movie.

Johnson, who stars in new fantasy film `The Tooth Fairy`, in which he dons a giant pair of wings to collect the incisors of small children has revealed not everyone has been supportive of the comic role, Female First online reported.

"There are definitely people who disagree with certain creative decisions you make... pleasing everyone is pretty hard," Johnson said.

Despite this, the 37-year-old actor is prepared to take on lots of different roles because nothing "fazes" him. "Because of my wrestling background, nothing a director can throw at me on a set can faze me. I learned a long time ago how to be coachable... I`m trying to be very smart and focused with my decisions, but it isn`t like I sat down and thought, `OK, now I want to go and take over the family market`," Johnson added.