Eminem to star in Dreamworks movie ‘Southpaw’

Melbourne: Rapper Eminem is set to return to the big screen playing a boxer in a proposed Dreamworks` production titled ‘Southpaw’.

DreamWorks told website TheWrap that the film will be developed as a star vehicle for Eminem, reports a daily.

Kurt Sutter, the creator of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, will write the script that will find Eminem playing a welterweight boxer who fights his way to the title, only to see his world collapse after tragedy strikes.

The film will follow Eminem as he fights to reclaim his past glory and win back the affection of his young daughter.

The title refers to the fact that Eminem is a lefty (a dangerous thing in a boxing ring) and the project will be fueled by the hardships that inform Eminem`s music and mirror his life.

Eminem has been offered several movies since his big screen debut in Curtis Hanson`s 2002 drama ‘8 Mile’. He has been hesitant to commit to a follow-up to his breakout performance.

Sutter describes ‘Southpaw’ as a continuation of the ‘8 Mile’ story, but cautions that the film will be more of a metaphorical narrative of the second chapter of his life, rather than a literal biography.

Eminem`s managers Stuart Parr and Paul Rosenberg will produce with Alan and Peter Riche, while the musician`s movie manager David Schiff will be executive producer.