Emma Stone thinks Hollywood is growing conservative

London: `Easy A` actress Emma Stone thinks Hollywood has grown more conservative as studio bosses are afraid of causing offence.

The 22-year-old says many movies that were made in the 1970s would not be commissioned these days as studio bosses are too afraid of offending anyone, reported Contactmusic.

"It concerns me that movies seem to be getting more and more conservative and watered down. I see movies made in the 70s such as `Network` that I really don`t think would get made today. That would be considered too challenging today.

Nobody wants to risk offending the viewers. Movies need broad appeal to succeed and bosses don` want to alienate anyone," Stone said.

The actress also said many actors censor themselves to an extent where it has a severe impact on their performances.

"I even hate it when people censor themselves. You can always tell when an actor has grown a `rhino skin` to protect themselves. It comes across on screen and they aren`t believable," Stone added.


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