Filmmaking is about longevity: Brad Pitt

London: Actor Brad Pitt says that the most important thing to consider in a movie project is "longevity".

The 48-year-old believes it doesn`t matter if a film doesn`t win top awards, as the key to a good project is one that lasts longer.

"Filmmaking is about longevity. Is it a quality picture? A quality story? Is there something original about it? The thing we miss the most is the degree of difficulty, like in `The Tree Of Life`," quoted Pitt as saying.

"Just to aim for something like that - I think there`s a quiet victory in the degree of difficulty there beyond what`s going to be in the record books as the best picture of the year. Films that I`ve loved doing like `Jesse James` and `The Tree of Life`, they`re `fine wine` pictures - they`ll age well. They`ve got legs," he added.