Freida Pinto felt bad for `Immortals` co-stars

London: Mumbai-born actress Freida Pinto felt bad for her `Immortals` co-stars Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz and Luke Evans, because of their strict diet chart.

The actors were put on restrictive meal plans and had to hit the gym regularly to achieve their buff bodies and the tough training regimes continued even after cameras began rolling, reported Contactmusic.

"I didn`t have to keep it as strict as the boys had to. I would see them and offer them fruit and they`d say, `No, we can`t have fruit.` And I`m like, `Fruit? Fruit`s healthy!`

And they`d say, `Yeah... but it`s sugar.` I just felt bad for them," Pinto said.

The `Slumdog Millionaire` actress plays a priestess in the upcoming fantasy action film, alongside Cavill as Theseus, the king of Athens, Lutz as Poseidon, god of the sea, and Evans as Zeus, god of sky and thunder.

Pinto, 26, says she didn`t have to do much to prepare physically for her role because she`s a healthy eater anyway.

"I generally just take good care of myself. I just watch what I eat - especially when you`re going to be in a tight costume.

"You don`t want to be bloated and sucking your stomach in. You just want to be able to stand tall and let the corset do what it has to do," she said.


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