Gareth Edwards to direct `Godzilla 2`

Los Angeles: Legendary Pictures has confirmed that Gareth Edwards will be directing the sequel of `Godzilla`.

The filmmaker will helm the project after directing the `Star Wars` spinoff which will release on December 16, 2016, reported Deadline.

"I will return for Godzilla 2 after shooting my Star Wars pic. We get to make another one. I`m just up here doing a small little sci-fi movie, as soon as that`s over will be Godzilla 2," Edwards said via a video massage on the sidelines of Comic-Con.

Legendary Pictures` Thomas Tull, who was also present at the ongoing Comic-con, said `Godzilla` monster baddies Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah will appear in the next instalment.

"Toho has been great to us and now we have more monsters to play with," Tull said.

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