Gary Oldman misses NY premiere of `Planet of the Apes`

New York: Gary Oldman skipped the New York premiere of `Dawn of the Planet of the Apes` because of a family emergency.

The James Gordon in Christopher Nolan`s "Batman" trilogy had flown into New York for the special screening, but had to fly out the same day due to the unexpected situation which was not disclosed.

Oldman, 56, also missed several planned TV appearances, reportedly. Meanwhile, Oldman`s co-stars Andy Serkis and Keri Russell were on hand for the premiere hosted by the Cinema Society at Williamsburg Cinemas.

Other celebrities supporting the event included Dana Delany, Bridget Moynahan, Teresa Moore, Nico Tortorella and Alex Karpovsky.

`Dawn of the Planet of the Apes` takes place ten years after a deadly virus unleashed, leading to the collapse of human civilisation.