Gibson a potential Box Office draw despite abuse allegations

New York: Irrespective of being under fire for abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend, Mel Gibson is still as popular as he was earlier, suggests a new poll.

In the poll, conducted by Vanity Fair magazine and CBS`s ‘60 Minutes,’ 847 adults were asked if they were less likely to see a Gibson film in the wake of the accusations.

According to Entertainment Weekly, 80 percent of male participants and 72 percent of the women who responded said they were not, reports the New York Post.

An accompanying online poll found 62 percent of responders saying they were no less likely to see a movie starring Gibson.

However, only 20 percent said they were less likely to see a movie starring Gibson because of allegations of abuse by Oksana Grigorieva.

In the wake of Grigorieva`s accusations it was speculated that Gibson might never work in Hollywood again.


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