Guillermo Del Toro to direct next `Godzilla`

London: Guillermo del Toro, who walked off the directorial duties of ``The Hobbit`` because of delays, is in talks to helm a new version of ``Godzilla``. The new version of the Japanese story about a sea monster ready to destroy a city is being written by Travis Beacham of ``Clash of the Titans`` fame.

Entitled ``Pacific Rim``, the film``s story sees the earth threatened by a group of "malevolent creatures", Contactmusic reported. However, there is a small hitch.

Guillermo is currently working on horror film ``Mountains of Madness``, which may prevent him from signing on to the project, which is due for release in 2012. He is currently set to work on a number of films as executive producer, including ``Kung Fu Panda 2`` and ``Puss in Boots``, and he also has a writing credit in the currently-troubled ``Hobbit``.

The Mexican director is also working on a brand new version of Mary Shelley``s ``Frankenstein``.

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