Guillermo del Toro to make `At the Mountains of Madness` film

London: Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has said that `At the Mountains of Madness` could still happen.

The 49-year-old director has said that he is considering restarting his film adaptation of HP Lovecraft`s Gothic novel as a PG-13 movie, reportedly.

Universal Pictures had been keen on the project, but closed it down due to the combination of a mounting budget and an R-rating.

Del Toro has since said that the film could be revived at Legendary Pictures. "I said to them, `That`s the movie that I would really love to do one day, and it`s still expensive`. I think that now, with the way I`ve seen PG-13 become more and more flexible, I think I could do it PG-13 now, so I`m going to explore it with Legendary, to be as horrifying as I can, but to not be quite as graphic," he said.

"It`s certainly a possibility in the future. Legendary was very close to doing it at one point, so I know they love the screenplay. So, we`ll see. Hopefully it`ll happen. It`s certainly one of the movies I would love to do," Guillermo added.
`At the Mountains of Madness` centres around an expedition to the Antarctic which uncovers a seemingly-abandoned city built by an inhuman race.

Del Toro recently confirmed that he is moving forward on the sequel to his Legendary movie `Pacific Rim`.

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