Handsome actor Ryan Gosling frustrated by censorship

London: Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling found it "frustrating" when the US censors tried to ban a sex scene in his new film "Blue Valentine" because he feels the rating process prevents people from seeing his movies.

The 30-year-old whose latest movie had its `NC-17` rating in America reduced to `R` following an appeal, worries that people won`t enjoy his work if younger audiences are banned from seeing it, reports contactmusic.com.

"The process (rating system) is frustrating. They don`t tell you why, there`s no debate, you just get told the scene you have to cut. And if you get that rating it means you can`t air on TV, you can`t have ads in newspapers and you can`t screen anywhere but in big cities with arthouse theatres," he said.

"We weren`t saying kids under 17 should be able to see the film, but getting that rating effectively means nobody can see your film," he added.

The scene that caused the controversy shows Ryan`s character engaging in oral sex with Michelle Williams but he argues that it is not gratuitous but vital to the film, so people can see the "consequences" of unprotected sex.

"Michelle`s character has casual sex, gets pregnant and ends up having the kid. It affects the rest of her life. It stops her going to med school," he said.

"The idea that parents wouldn`t want kids to see the ramifications and consequences of sex seems strange to me. The film isn`t glorifying anything, it demystifies things," he added.