Helen Mirren learns Russian for new film

London: `The Queen` star Helen Mirren says she had to learn Russian for her new movie `The Debt`.

The 66-year-old actress showed off her linguistic skills on UK TV on Sep 24 by conversing in Russian but admitted her language skills are limited, despite her family links to the country, Contactmusic reported.

"I haven`t actually learnt much Russian. I had to learn a bit of Russian for the film I just did, The Debt, but I don`tspeak Russian which is sad considering my dad was Russian, but I didn`t learn it at home," she said.

Mirren plays a Mossad spy searching for a Nazi war criminal and appeared as a guest on `The Jonathan Ross Show` to promote the film.

However, she has earlier expressed her wish to do a full-time action hero because it would mean less of acting.

"I`m dying to be a full-time action movie heroine because the great thing about action is that you don`t have to act. All you have to do is go from A to B as proficiently as
possible," she added.