Helen Mirren plays Rusell Brand`s nanny in new film

London: Academy winning actress Helen Mirren will play nanny to comic Rusell Brand in the remake of Dudley Moore`s 1981 hit film `Arthur`.

`The Queen` star`s character is a reinterpretation of the original valet, a role which won John Gielgud a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, reported a news website.

Brand, a reformed lothario in real-life is taking over Moore`s Oscar-nominated role as the spoilt, drunken playboy Arthur.

The film co-stars Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte, while rising star Greta Gerwig will play Brand`s love interest, a role taken by Liza Minnelli in the original.

In the original version of the movie, playboy Arthur risks losing his inheritance when he decides to marry a working class woman for love rather than money.

Mirren, 64, was spotted shooting for the film in a pleated skirt, headscarf and flats.