Helen Mirren terrified of playing Queen Elizabeth onscreen

Washington: Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that she was “very, very nervous” when she took on the role of Queen Elizabeth in ‘The Queen.’

The 66-year-old actress was awarded a Best Actress Oscar in 2006 for her role as the monarch in the film.

“She’s an icon all over the world. Everybody knows what she looks and sounds like,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Hello! magazine.

“I knew I had to get those things right, but I wanted to go beyond a simple impersonation. So yes, I was very, very nervous,” she said.

Apparently, the Queen herself was happy with Mirren’s performance.

“She’s never publically commented on it, but I know she didn’t absolutely hate it because I have subsequently been invited to tea at Buckingham Palace,” Mirren said.