Hilary Swank prefers `underdog` roles

London: Hollywood actress Hilary Swank loves to play `underdog` roles onscreen as they have an unusual story to tell.

Swank, who won Oscars for her role as a transgendered teenager in the movie `Boys Don`t Cry` and a troubled female boxer in the 2004 movie `Million Dollar Baby` is attracted to characters who have the `odds against them`, Contactmusic reported.

"They are people who have the odds against them in so many ways. I love the underdogs," she said.

In her upcoming film `Conviction,` Swank, who plays an unemployed high school drop-out, loved working in the movie as she is always `drawn` to scripts based on real events.

"It`s an extraordinary story. I`ve always been drawn to true stories because life is stranger than fiction and this story amazed me, I was really stirred by this bond between a brother and sister. It`s a rare kind of love they have where they would do anything for the other," said the 36-year-old actress.

The actress further said that she took up acting as her full-time career as she loves to tell people`s stories.

"I became an actor because I love people and I love their stories; it`s like a great kind of advanced psychology class," she added.