‘Hunger Games’ to release in China

Los Angeles: Sci-fi action film ‘Hunger Games’ has got a green light to be released nationwide in China in June, in both dubbed and subtitled prints.

The China Film Group in conjunction with Lionsgate`s promotional partner, Talent International will release the film.

"We view China as an increasingly important market for our content in Asia. The Chinese box office grew by more than 30 per cent last year to over USD2 billion, and the film`s approval for nationwide release in China is a major step in translating the enormous commercial potential of this huge market into reality," said Wendy Reeds, Executive VP of Content Sales & Distribution for Celestial Tiger Entertainment.

’Hunger Games’, starring Jennifer Lawrence, has grossed over USD620 million in worldwide box office. The screenings in China as the third biggest movie market will undoubtedly add a big chunk to the revenue.

The film has got a smooth entry in the country despite its anti-authoritarian theme.