I`d love to return for `Lego Movie` sequel: Chris Pratt

London: Actor Chris Pratt has revealed that he would love to return for the `Lego Movie` sequel, but doesn`t currently know any details.

The 35-year-old `Guardians of the Galaxy` actor voiced hero Emmet in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller`s animated film, reportedly.

"I don`t know anything. I hope I`m back. I loved working with Chris and Phil, and I hope Emmet is crucial to the story. But I can also see a world where they can kind of do anything and call it The Lego Movie 2, do you know what I mean?" he said.
"It could be about a different character, it`s not like other cartoons in that way. I hope that Emmet isn`t disposable, he was such a great big part of that movie.` I`m so proud of that movie.

"There was a nice buzz around it during the press for it. People hadn`t seen anything like it in a long time. But I don`t know. I hope I`m back," Pratt added.

The sequel to `The Lego Movie` has a release date of May 26, 2017.