I turned down Edward role: Kellan Lutz on `Twilight`

PTI| Updated: Nov 30, 2013, 13:30 PM IST

London: Actor Kellan Lutz has said that he turned down the role of Edward Cullen in `The Twilight Saga`.

The actor portrayed Emmett Cullen in the `Twilight films`, but recently revealed that he was originally approached for the leading part that Robert Pattinson ultimately played, reported Digital Spy.

"I just didn`t care to entertain it (role of Edward Cullen). I really wanted to play a happy role or no role for a little bit.

"I didn`t care to audition for the role of Edward because he was a bit moody and emotionally challenged. But then I loved Emmett. I`m so blessed to have been able to play him," he said.

Lutz also said that he would enjoy reuniting with the `Twilight Saga` cast if another sequel is ever produced.

"I love everyone. I loved to work with everyone and I loved my role. I`d love to play Emmett again or even another role in it."

The actor previously compared the popularity of Twilight to Beatlemania. He will next star in `The Legend of Hercules`, opening on January 10 in the US and August 8 in the UK.