Idina Menzel too old to play lead in `Wicked` movie

London: Actress Idina Menzel says she and Kristin Chenoweth have been told they are over the age to play the lead roles in the proposed `Wicked` movie.

The pair led the original 2003 Broadway cast of the Oz-based musical, with Menzel playing Elphaba and Chenoweth starring as Glinda, reportedly.

Asked if she had been approached about a role, Menzel joked, "Yeah, as the mother of Elphaba. I would die to be in the film, except I`m afraid Kristin Chenoweth and I... They told us we`re a little over the age for that."

"If I could be a part of it in some way, that would be great. But I already feel like I received - and continue to receive - the gifts from `Wicked` and how it affects audiences," Menzel said.

Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson revealed last year that the `Wicked` movie was a high priority for the studio.

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