‘Inception’ script was incredibly confusing: DiCaprio

London: Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that he was so confused with the script of ‘Inception’ that he had to ask director Christopher Nolan to explain the plot.

He said he had struggled to figure out the complicated plot of the sci-fi movie and spend hours talking with the director to develop his character Dominic Cobb, a thief who steals information from his unconscious victims while they dream.

“I needed to know implicitly where we were. It got incredibly confusing at certain points in the beginning, but the more we talked, the more I understood,” the Daily Star quoted the star as saying.

Meanwhile, Nolan’s wife and the film’s producer Emma Thomas has praised DiCaprio for making the movie more accessible for fans.

“The work (Leo) did on his character with Chris made the movie less of a puzzle and more of a story of a character audiences could relate to," she said.