It was a dream working with Angelina Jolie: Elle Fanning

PTI| Updated: Apr 12, 2014, 09:52 AM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Elle Fanning, who plays the Sleeping Beauty in Angelina Jolie starrer `Maleficent`, says it was a dream come true to work with the Oscar-winner.

The Disney thriller sees Jolie channeling the evil witch in the movie and Fanning says she "really got into character" while filming the movie, reportedly.

"It was super exciting. Everything was so fun. Working with Angelina -- it`s kind of a dream to say that you even met her and let alone to be in scenes with her. (It) was really really cool," Fanning, 16, said.

"She really got into her character in a way. Like she was very, so into the details of her clothes. She came into rehearsals on the first day with her Maleficent staff and she was in normal clothes but then had that. She was like, `I have to get used to it. It`s part of my character.` I thought that was so cool."

Fanning plays Princess Aurora in the live-action reboot of the 1959 classic `Sleeping Beauty`.

Jolie enlisted her real-life daughter Vivienne Pitt, 5, to appear as a younger Aurora.