It was a real cyclone of insanity with Lindsay Lohan: Chris Pine

PTI| Updated: Jan 04, 2014, 10:37 AM IST

Los Angeles: Actor Chris Pine feels that being around actress Lindsay Lohan while filming `Just My Luck` was a "real cyclone of insanity."

The 33-year-old actor also said that he learnt a lot from the actress who was making USD 7 million a film then, said The Hollywood Reporter.

"It was a real cyclone of insanity, like being around The Beatles. It was fascinating to watch, and in hindsight it`s really a distinct moment in someone`s life when you see what`s really wonderful about what we get to do and what`s really dangerous about it.

"Hollywood is like living in a weird bubble. A bunch of people take care of you and get you stuff, and you`re the centre of that little microcosmic world. You start believing that it is real and, you deserve it," Pine said.