Jake Gyllenhaal doesn`t see himself as leading man

London: Jake Gyllenhaal says he is amazed that he is viewed as one of the leading men of Hollywood along with the likes of Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage.

"I don`t see myself like a leading man at all. That`s very result-oriented. I`ve been like that at different times in my career, but at this point I`m not. I think people look at me like that bit, but I don`t," said Gyllenhaal.

"I`ve been the lead in lots of different movies but it`s never been about that. It`s funny, I was at some event for `Prince Of Persia` and Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage were there. And there I was standing with them thinking `What the hell am I doing here?`"

He also admitted he likes to tackle a wide variety of characters in his movies because of advice he was given by his father many years ago, reports contactmusic.com.

"My dad always says to me that the job of any artist is to disturb the comfortable and to comfort the disturbed," he said.


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