James Bond films aren’t ready for a black 007, says Noel Clarke

London: British director Noel Clarke has slammed actor Idris Elba’s chances of being named the next James Bond, claiming that the spy series isn’t ready for a black 007.

It was recently confirmed that ‘The Wire’ star Elba had met with movie chiefs to discuss taking over when current Bond Daniel Craig steps down, the Sun reported.

But Clarke, who stars in new flick ‘Storage 24,’ said last week: “I feel like the pressure, and I’m not a racist or a militant, the pressure of being the first black Bond would be so much, it would kill the person that did it.”

“I feel there’d be so many people against it,” he said.

He went on to explain that he didn’t think Elba - or any non-white actor - would be chosen, explaining: “I don’t know if he’ll get it. I don’t know if he’d get it, I don’t know if any of us would get it.”

“I feel like, if anyone’s likely to get it, it would be him. But I feel like the pressure of it would be like - why would you put yourself through that?

“And I can picture it, in ten years time they’ve changed it. ‘No, he was 007, but he wasn’t actually Bond.’ One hundred per cent, I still feel like that’s there,” he said.


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