James Cameron unveils first scenes from Titanic 3D

London: James Cameron screened the first preview of the much-anticipated Titanic 3D, at Paramount Studios, Hollywood.

On the occasion of screening the 18 minutes footage of the 1997 blockbuster’s 3D version, Cameron revealed that he considers 3D to be an enhancement even for just normal, narrative scenes.

“I firmly believe that 3D is an enhancement even for just normal, narrative scenes, not necessarily the action scenes,” Sky News quoted Cameron as saying.

“This is a film that many people have seen, obviously, sometimes multiple times, but there is a whole generation of people who haven``t seen it in theatres.”

“I love the 3D, I think it’s spectacular. If I had had 3D cameras at the time, if there had been 3D theatres at the time, I would certainly have shot the film in 3D,” he added.

The film is slated for April 2012 release.


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