James Cameron urges fans not to jump to conclusions about ‘Avatar 2’

Washington: James Cameron has asked fans not to “jump to conclusions” about the sequels to ‘Avatar’ after Sigourney Weaver confirmed she would be returning to the franchise.

Weaver, whose character died at the end of the first film, has earlier said that she would be returning to the follow-up.

Now, Cameron, who is currently working on the sequel to the sci-fi movie set on a planet named Pandora invaded by humans looking for a natural resource, has confirmed it may not be in the capacity most would expect.

“Well, I don’t want to disabuse her of that fantasy. But have you ever heard of nonlinear storytelling? A lot happens on the planet before she shows up, and before Jake shows up to join her. She’s there for 15 years ahead of time,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying during a Q and A.

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions,” he added.


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