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Jamie Foxx petrified of spiders

London: Actor Jamie Foxx could be the perfect choice to play Spider-Man`s arch-foe in the superhero`s new movie because he really hates the eight-legged insects.

The 46-year-old Oscar-winning actor, who plays Max

Dillon/Electro in `The Amazing Spider-Man 2`, said he was turned off by the creepy crawlies as he watched his favourite childhood show `The Land of the Giants`.

"I am petrified of spiders... There was a television show called The Land of the Giants when I was growing up... And it was where these people had landed on a planet of giant people... And in one of the episodes he`s (character) running through a drainage pipe... And he runs into a spiderweb and then all of a sudden the music changed and this spider just starts coming at it.
"Now, if a spiderweb hits me I will take off all of my clothes... It`s the worst... I get in my car and run over them if I have to," he said.

From Zee News

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