Jason Momoa to direct `Kane`

Los Angeles:`Game of Thrones` actor Jason Momoa is set to direct a fighting drama titled `Kane`.

The 34-year-old actor would also star in `Kane` which is about an alcoholic former boxer who turns to Detroit`s illegal fighting circuit to make money for the medical treatment of his ex-wife, reported the Hollywood Reporter.

"I really wanted to make an action movie with heart and set it in Detroit. The city used to symbolise much of what was grand and noble about America but then lost it all to economic decline and urban decay," Momoa said.

"This parallels the story of Kane Malu, a man who is down but not yet out. Kane is the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes," he added.

Steven Hoban and Brian Andrew Mendoza are producing alongside Momoa, while Robert Homer Mollohan has penned the script.

The filming is expected to begin next year. Momoa made his directorial debut with `Road to Paloma`.


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