Jean-Claude Van Damme opens up about his career`s `first` comedic film

New York: Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, who recently starred in a funny viral ad for Volvo where he does a split between two trucks, has opened up about his career`s `first` comedic film ` Welcome to the Jungle`.

When the New York Post asked the 53-year-old actor why he was trying out straight comedy so late, he asserted that he has always enjoyed comedy, and there have been elements of comedy in several of his past films.

Van Damme added that the fact that he participated in something that was primarily a comedy was based on how much he liked the script and the fact that his character was a parody of an action guy.

In the upcoming flick, he plays a slightly crazy ex-Marine who leads his co-workers on a retreat that leaves the group stranded in the jungle.