Jeff Bridges wants digital replacement before retiring

London: Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges wants to be replaced by a digital version of himself after he retires from acting.

The actor got the idea from his latest film project `Tron: Legacy` where he is paired opposite a computer generated likeness of himself in his 30s.

The 60-year-old actor now wants a digital replica so that he can quit acting but continue working in films, a website reported.

"This technology means I`d never have to work again in my life and I could still make films. I can say, `I`ll lease you my image`. I think they`ll have this ability to go, `We`re going to give you lots of money; you just come in and do all your expressions, be real, sad, happy and that`s it," said Bridges.

The actor thinks that the wider possibilities of the new technology are endless and people in future could see hybrids made up of their favourite actors.

"In a few years they`ll be able to take aspects of three different actors and make a fourth character. It`s getting weird. They can say, `Let`s put Bridges in here, but I want a little Al Pacino in there, what the heck. Let`s see
what kind of guy we come up with,`" he said.

To test the digital version of Bridges, the team behind `Tron: Legacy` asked the actor`s wife to give her opinion.

"My wife was very critical of the digital image at first. She was honing in on the features of my face that she knows so well, but in the end she thought they did a pretty good job," he added.