Jennifer Aniston looks for roles that make her laugh

London: Jennifer Aniston has denied being type-cast for her roles in comedies and revealed that she is happy to be Hollywood’s rom-com queen.

She also revealed that is not put off by crass toilet humour as seen in the recent comedy smash, ‘Bridesmaids’.

“When choosing my roles I look for if I laugh, if I enjoy myself, if I don’t get bored,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“If I see that there’s something emotional that I can connect to and if I can imagine myself having fun at work, it sort of evolves.

“I really love comedy. I’ve loved it my whole life. I love making people laugh and I love laughing.

“I also love the comedies that are emotional and have a reality base in there. ‘Wanderlust’ has this,” she said.

‘Wanderlust’ is the latest big-screen outing for Aniston who, since the last episode of ‘Friends’ in 2004, has starred in several romantic comedies, including ‘The Break-Up’, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and ‘The Switch’.

“I couldn’t be in films like the rude eighties classic Porky’s. They’re great but I just wouldn’t do well in them.

“Still if it’s funny I go for it.

“Like in ‘Bridesmaids’. That’s a fun movie,” she added.