Jennifer Garner eyes return to action movies

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Garner wants to make a return to action movies after visiting her husband Ben Affleck on the set of his new crime drama ‘Runner, Runner’.

"I just visited my husband`s set in Puerto Rico, and most of the crew knew me when I was doing action, and they were saying, `Hey Jen, remember that fight scene`. It felt as if I was a different person than the one they were talking about. I do miss that part of my life a little," quoted Garner as saying.

But the 40-year-old admits she may not be as daring as she was in her "Alias" days, especially now that she has children.

"I don`t know if I`d be as cavalier about jumping off a building again," she said.

Garner became famous after the crime-fighting TV series `Alias`, and went on to star in superhero film `Daredevil` and `Elektra`. Since becoming a mother in 2005, she has opted for more dramas and romantic comedies like `Juno` and `Valentine`s Day`.

She adores her job as a parent, but she has started to crave more fast-paced projects and is eager to get her adrenaline pumping again.

"I don`t mind being a soccer mum. I am most certainly a go-and-sit-on-the-sideline mum. I love it. But I do miss the action. I would love to do some action again and shock myself a little," she said.


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