John Lasseter`s `Cars 2` not for car lovers

Updated: Jul 25, 2011, 15:11 PM IST

London: Director John Lasseter says his latest movie "Cars 2" is for those who "don`t care about cars".

"My wife told me, `Don`t make it for the car guys; make it for everybody else.` Basically, she said make it for all those people who don`t care about cars and I hope that`s what I have in done," quoted him as saying.

"As with all our movies, whether it`s the fish in `Finding Nemo` or the rat in `Ratatouille`, we see our job as creating characters which people can invest in right from the beginning of the movie. From there it`s about going on a journey and for me, there is nothing better than bringing an inanimate object to life," he added.