Jolie`s daughter bags her first movie

Updated: Aug 22, 2012, 19:37 PM IST

London: Actress Angelina Jolie`s four-year-old daughter Vivienne will reportedly play her on-screen child in the upcoming movie `Maleficent`.

The 37-year-old convinced the filmmakers that her daughter would best suit the role of princess Aurora, daughter of Jolie`s character Maleficent, which is currently being shot in England.

"Angelina thought it would be a fun experience for her and Viv to share, and Viv is a natural," quoted a source as saying.

Mother of six children, the actress will be playing the lead role in the modern tale of "Sleeping Beauty" from the evil princess` point of view.

"The other kids are now nagging Ange and Brad to land them roles," the source said.