Jon Hamm to `babysit` in next flick

Washington: Jon Hamm has revealed that he is going to play the role of a new dad for his upcoming movie, where he is supposed to baby-sit the kids as well.

Jon, who plays bad boy role of Don Draper in ‘Mad Men’, has taken on a role in ‘Friends with Kids’ and the character he plays is that of a man who struggles with the trials of juggling marriage and parenthood.

‘‘I love kids. I love other people’s kids because I like being able to give them back at the end of the night,’’ Contactmusic quoted the actor as telling Total Film.

The movie also co-stars the 41-year-old actors real-life partner of fifteen years, Jennifer Westfeldt.

The Saturday Night Live host who also made his directorial debut on an episode of ‘Mad Men’ has revealed that he has no intention of being a full time director in the future.

‘‘My job as director was simply not to run the train off the tracks. I can’t write. It takes me three hours to write an email. I can’t sit still long enough. Maybe it’s because I drink 400 cups of coffee a day,’’ the actor added.