Judi Dench loves bossing James Bond around

London: Veteran actress Judi Dench loved playing MI6 chief M in `Skyfall` because she got to boss James Bond around.

The 77-year-old actress relished being able to exert her authority over Bond in Sam Mendes` new chapter of the spy franchise `Skyfall`, reported Showbizspy.

"As head of MI6 I have lots more to do, and much more to be involved in - and some very, very naughty boys to deal with. It`s lovely to do, it`s a thrilling part to play. And you do get to be a huge figure of authority, you get to boss James Bond about," she said.

Dench also said she was daunted by the responsibility of playing a female M16 boss when she first landed the part in 1995, but is thrilled her role has grown over the years.

"I don`t think I realised how much of a responsibility it was when I was playing M in `Goldeneye,` that the character had changed sex. It wasn`t until the film came out that I realised, `Oh, female M.` So you do feel very, very responsible.

"And I`ve had various things to do in offices for several James Bond films now. I once complained that I never got out in a Bond film, and then in one of them - I think in `The World is not Enough` - we went to Stowe School, so they said, `You can never complain again.` So it was wonderful to come to `Skyfall` and have much more to do," she added.