Justin Bieber wants an acting career

London: Teen sensation Justin Bieber says he wants to be an actor and forsees a career in the acting field.

The "Baby" singer who had a guest role on US crime show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" earlier this year, seems to have been caught by the acting bug.

"I definitely want to do more acting, and further my career in that area, that`s something I would love to do," contactmusic.com quoted Bieber as saying.

The 17-year-old heartthrob insists his recent documentary film "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" didn`t involve any acting at all. He says a scene, where his grandmother tells him to tidy his room, was genuine.

"It wasn`t scripted... whenever I`m at my grandmother`s she always tells me to clean up after myself, especially when I`m at home. But I`m not at home that often, I really don`t have a room at this point, it`s just kind of travelling all the time," he added.