Keira Knightley: People might hate `Anna Karenina`

London: Actress Keira Knightley says she is worried that her new film ‘Anna Karenina’ will not be to everyone`s taste and is even concerned that some may hate it.

The 27-year-old stars in the adaptation of Tolstoy`s classic along side Jude Law, reported Contactmusic.

"It is deeply, deeply risky. There`s no two ways about it. I think some people will go and see this and absolutely hate it and want something different. But I think people will also go `wow` because certainly there aren`t films being made like this right now," she said.

"The Pirates of The Caribbean" actor was also frightened at the idea of playing a literary giant.
"Playing Anna was absolutely terrifying, because it is a role that has been played so many times and exercises a fascination over so many people," she added.

The film has been adapted by Tom Stoppard and directed by Joe Wright.