Kristen Stewart defends Bella from criticism

Melbourne: Kristen Stewart has defended Bella Swan, the character she has been playing in the Twilight movies.

The latest instalment in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn - Part 1, hits the cinemas this week.

Over the years there has been criticism that her on-screen avatar isn’t a positive role model for young girls, but Stewart disagrees.

“[Bella’s] caught up in something that feels much bigger than her, and she’s in a relationship that’s by no means unequal,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

The Panic Room actress says that Edward is weak-minded and doesn’t think they can overcome the odds against them, but Bella has faith in their relationship.

“… she has faith that it will work out, so I think she’s more courageous than Edward. I understand people think her weakness might be that she’s had to give up her life for him, but don’t you think that’s valiant?”

Criticism for Bella is not the only one Stewart’s faced though. She is often believed to be unapproachable and moody with the paparazzi.

But, she says it’s all about her state of mind at a particular moment.

“It really is about what mood you’re in… If the mood strikes and if you’re feeling unselfconscious that day, you can have fun with it,” she said.

“If you’re having an introspective day or not thinking clearly, it comes across. Then people think that’s who you are all the time,” the actress added.

With all the craziness in her life, Stewart is grateful to have friends and family as her anchor.

“It’s rare for me to do anything that betrays who I am. I feel rooted where I am… I’d have a real problem with selling out and not being myself,” she said.


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