Kristen Stewart denies being offered `Wanted 2`

London: `Twilight` actress Kristen Stewart has played down rumours that she is to star in `Wanted 2` along with James McAvoy.

The 20-year-old actress has fuelled reports that she is to replace Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie in a `Wanted` sequel, insisting she would "definitely" accept the role as long as the movie is as "good" as the original, claiming that she has not signed up for the movie, a news website reported.

"It`s weird to answer questions like this, the only two projects that I am confirmed in now are On The Road and Breaking Dawn. `Wanted` was a great movie. James McAvoy makes
that movie different from most other action movies because he`s a real guy - you`re so with him," Stewart said.

"I feel like most action movies don`t have that. So if it had that, definitely. But I wouldn`t just want to be in a mindless blow-up movie. I`m not into it," the actress further added.