Latest franchise of `The Matrix` to be shot in 3-D

London: The creators of `The Matrix` trilogy are planning to shoot the latest film of the franchise in 3-D.

Andy and Larry Wachowski are working on the fourth and fifth installments of the hit sci-fi film and seeking advice from `Avatar` creator James Cameron, reported a website.

`The Matrix`, starring Keanu Reeves is set for a reboot with the makers keen to deliver a new experience to the audience.

"They have completed work on a two picture script treatment that would see him return to the world of `The Matrix` as Neo," said a source.

"Keanu says the brothers have met with Jim Cameron to discuss the pros and cons of 3D and are looking to deliver something which has never been seen again. He stated that he still has an obligation to the fans to deliver a movie worthy of the title `The Matrix` and he swears this time that the treatment will truly transform the action genre like the first movie," added the source.