Legendary producer Sheinberg’s ‘Creature’ sets lowest-ever grossing movie record

London: Horror movie ‘Creature’ has set a new box office record for the worst takings ever, with a revenue of just 331,000 dollars – the lowest grossing opening weekend on record for a single movie opening on more than 1,500 screens across the US.

According to opening weekend takings, the indie horror film that tells the story of a swamp creature on the loose in the backwoods of Louisiana, attracted merely 35,000 people – meaning that each screening had an average of just six people, the Daily Mail reported.

The film, which has been directed by Fred Andrews, a veteran production designer for TV shows like ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘Without a Trace’ had a budget of less than 2 million dollars, failed to appeal to the audience despite being produced by legendary producer Sid Sheinberg – the man who discovered Steven Spielberg.

Although the movie``s website promised that the film would introduce a “new monster legend into the horror film lexicon”, yet ‘Creature’ was given a 11 per cent “fresh” rating by the Rotten Tomatoes website which reviews all new films.

The top ten lowest ever-grossing wide release movies are:

1. Proud American – 96,076 dollars
2. The Passion Recut – 223,789 dollars
3. Transylmania – 263,941 dollars
4. The Virginity Hit – 301,885 dollars
5. Creature (2011) – 327,000 dollars
6. Nobel Son – 333,912 dollars
7. Standing Ovation – 343,125 dollars
8. Turtle Beach – 350,951 dollars
9. Rich Girl – 368,056 dollars
10. National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers – 403,164 dollars


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