Leonardo DiCaprio re-ignites Scorsese`s filmmaking passion

Los Angeles: Filmmaker Martin Scorsese says that actor Leonardo DiCaprio brought back his passion for filmmaking.

The duo has worked together in movies like `The Aviator`, `The Departed` and his X-mas offering `The Wolf of Wall Street`, coming out on Dec 25.

"Working together re-ignited my enthusiasm for making pictures. There`s always something more, there`s always more to mine with him. He keeps going deeper and deeper," hollywoodreporter.com quoted Scorsese as saying.

"Leo`s enjoyment of the work and the ability to take chances made me excited again. `Gangs of New York` was a massive project and had been for many, many years, and I was depleted after that. And `Aviator` was the one where he pulled me back in and I said, `Oh yeah, I`m interested,`" he added.