Liam Neeson not doing `Batman Sequel`

Updated: Mar 05, 2011, 15:46 PM IST

London: Actor Liam Neeson is not reprising his role as Ra`s Al ghul in the forthcoming Batman movie `The Dark Knight Rises`.

The Irish actor was widely tipped to return to the Christopher Nolan movie, but Neeson says he has not been approached so far, a website reported.

The new movie will see Christian Bale returning as the Caped Crusader.

"That rumour is totally not true. In the comic books, Ra`s Al Ghul goes into a life bath of some sort and immerses himself to become immortal; So that`s probably where that comes from. But no-one`s approached me with an offer. I`d like to if it happens," the actor said.

While he will be missing from the Batman movie, Neeson is all set to make a cameo appearance in `The Hangover 2`, a role which came on a short notice.

Earlier, Mel Gibson was tipped to play the role but he was dropped from the part following domestic violence charges against him.

"It took a day to film. Bradley Cooper is a friend of mine and texted, `Do you want to do this small thing?` I wrote back, `Of course. When?` and he texted, `Tomorrow.` I said, `....can we make it Sunday?`

"I flew out to Bangkok to play a tattoo artist in a sleazy parlour. They let me make him Irish, so I`m covered in tattoos that say, `Ireland forever` and `I love Mother` and have shamrocks crawling up the wazoo."