LiLo getting `obsessed` with Liz Taylor’s role in biopic

Updated: Jun 04, 2012, 15:48 PM IST

London: Lindsay Lohan, who plays Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming biopic ‘Liz and Dick’, is apparently getting ‘obsessed’ with the role.

According to TMZ, sources have said that ‘The Parent Trap’ child star has been granted the “final say on all wardrobe decisions” and she has been relishing the opportunity to “perfect Liz’s looks”.

The site also claimed LiLo has been “obsessing” with “getting into the Hollywood legend’s head”, even changing her Twitter picture to a snap of her dressed as the star.

Previously released pictures show the actress in wardrobe getting ready for the shoot, which started this week.

Lohan modelled in a red dress, which is said to be based on a Valentino dress Liz once wore and a green favourite Liz was captured in with her white fur wrap, circa 1950.

The biopic is Lohan’s first leading lady part since the rather abysmal 2009 flop ‘Labor Pains,’ the Daily Mail reported.

The biopic depicts the passionate romance between the National Velvet legend and actor Richard Burton, who she married twice.

Their relationship was considered somewhat of a scandal in the Sixties, with both parties already married as they embarked on their affair.

Speaking of her role, Lohan revealed in a statement: “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well.

“I am very honoured to have been asked to play this role,” she added.