Lily Collins bruised while shooting fight scenes for ‘Mirror Mirror’

London: Actress Lily Collins has revealed that she was left battered and badly bruised during the shoot of new movie ‘Mirror Mirror’ after she took several blows from a sword while shooting fight scenes with co-star Armie Hammer.

Collins, daughter of veteran rocker Phil Collins, essays the character of Snow White in the adventure film and the script required her to clash onscreen with co-stars Hammer and Julia Roberts.

The 22-year-old was so determined to make their sword fighting scenes look realistic, she took fencing lessons for four months, but was still unable to effectively parry Hammer’s blows when the cameras rolled.

“For one scene Armie and I were fighting... There were 150 sword moves and Armie smacked me several times. No blood was drawn, but I was so bruised. It doesn’t matter how much padding you wear, those swords are lethal,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Stella magazine.

The actress also recalled an eye-watering incident when Roberts pulled out a chunk of her hair.

“In one scene my dress got caught in my shoe and she pulled some of my hair out. That’s the take they used. It really hurt. Afterwards they yelled ‘cut’ and she said, ‘I’m so sorry’. And I said, ‘It’s totally fine’. Because it’s Julia,” she added.


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