Marlon Brando behind Johnny Depp’s Hollywood success

London: Marlon Brando played a big role in Johnny Depp’s successful Hollywood career.

The actor bases his film decisions on a nugget of wisdom he picked up from the Godfather.

"Many years ago Marlon Brando asked me, `How many films do you do per year, kid?` I said, `I don`t know, maybe three or something.`` He said, `That`s too much. We only have so many faces in our pockets’,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

"I thought, `Wow, that`s really true.` But I feel like I still have a few faces in my pockets though," he said.

Despite having his mug plastered across thousands of bus stops around the world and having dated some of the fittest women, Johnny still struggles to see himself as a star.

"Certainly not like a huge, global movie star. I can`t even think of myself on those terms, he said.

"I can`t help but smile because it just doesn`t register as me. It feels like I`m still doing the same bits," the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star said.

Johnny said of working with Angelina Jolie: "She`s a real treat. She`s a real treat to get into the ring with.

"She`s a lot of fun. She`s deeply committed to the work, very smart and with a great approach - fun. Funny and very, very absurd and a perverse sense of humour, " he said.

The stars needed to see the funny side for some of the action scenes in the film, which were shot on location in Venice.

Johnny said: "Running across the rooftops in bare feet was wild because when you``re doing it your adrenalin is sort of going and you don`t really notice things.

"But I was standing there talking to a colleague and I just went, `Oh, my God`. I noticed that there was blood dripping down these terracotta tiles. I guess that I left a little trail of blood behind me," he added.