Matt Damon joins Christopher Nolan`s `Interstellar`

Los Angeles: Actor Matt Damon has reportedly joined the cast of Christopher Nolan`s upcoming movie ‘Interstellar’.

The plot of the forthcoming sci-fi thriller is largely unknown, though it is thought it will focus on a group of explorers who travel vast distances through space via wormholes, reported Ace Showbiz.

Actors David Oyelowo, David Gyasi, Wes Bentley, and Casey Affleck are among the line-up already set to star in the film.

Damon will be playing a small role in the movie, which has already began filming.

The 42-year-old actor, who recently starred in ‘Elysium’ and in ‘Behind the Candelabra’, is apparently poised to make his directorial debut with a movie called ‘A Foreigner’.

‘Interstellar’ is scheduled for release in theatres on November 7, 2014.